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Terms and Conditions


  • The following outlines our terms and conditions that apply to all exhibitors.
  • By submitting this form you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions laid out below.

  1. Successful applicants will be notified by phone call to the number provided above.
  2. An email will also be sent out simultaneously, outlining the terms and conditions, payment details and conference details.
  3. Please note: lunch is not provided for exhibitors so please bring a suitable lunch with you on the day.
  4. Exhibitors are respectfully asked to please have your refreshments, drinks and lunch at such times when the participants are back in session.
  5. Exhibitors are provided one table (traditional trestle table measurements) and will be allocated room behind their table to place their own pull up banner if required. Note: On the rare occasion that exhibitors will be required to bring their own trestle table you will be notified well in advance – this is generally based upon the conference venue.
  6. Exhibitors are welcome to join the conference at the back of the room during session times but no meals should be consumed. Please have your lunch outside the main conference room.
  7. A deposit of $50 for one day or $80 for both days should be paid to secure your booking.
  8. The deposit is non – refundable and secures your place at the conference.
  9. Payment of the deposit must be paid within two weeks from the date notified of your successful application. If the deposit is not paid by this time, your place will be forfeited and passed on to the next exhibitor on the list.
  10. Payment of the balance is strictly due 4 weeks prior to the conference or before. Failure to do so may result in your allocated space being forfeited and given to the next exhibitor on the list.
  11. Exhibitors are kindly asked to help us promote the conference where possible, as we will be promoting the exhibitors. We ask that you put out conference flyer with links to our website on your website, Facebook page and and any other social media if you have it. Between 8 – 6 weeks prior to the conference you will be contacted and asked to do an online / Skype interview that will last around 3 minutes. This interview will then be posted to different My Special Child social media pages and you can use this for your own promotional / marketing material if you’d like.
  12. Exhibitors agree to having any photographs or video recordings of them, their products or their table that are taken during the conference be used for future marketing purposes.
  13. Exhibitors will be asked to donate a product or service of their choice to be given as part of the raffle prize at the conference. It is not compulsory to make a donation but we do recommend it as a lot of attention is paid to the raffle and the prizes that are in it.
  14. A copy of any relevant insurance, such as public liability will be required before the date of the conference.